Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Teaching & Learning: Workshop at Pixar Studios

Oh my good gravy, how has a month gone by since my last post?! My sincerest apologies. I have been busier than ever with all of my little side projects, mostly in regards to reclaiming the gardens at my house. Perhaps I shall share my work with you in the coming days...

A couple of weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to teach a class on how to make terrariums down at Pixar Studios down in Gastown. Words can not fully express how much I enjoyed the experience; it was an honour to be asked to teach the class, and incredibly inspiring to be doing my craft with a group of creative folks. To think that all this has stemmed from one little terrarium in a coffee shop and some supportive customers and co-workers, it just blows my mind! 

It was a nice small class of eight, but I brought my dear and similarly plant-minded friend Louis along as an extra set of hands (but also so we could do some much loved nursery hopping for resources...). The set up was pretty simple: the attendees brought their own containers, and I supplied the rest of the supplies. If I am honest, the containers were smaller than what I had been expecting, but I absolutely loved how unique each one was; there were mason jars, fish bowls, terrariums that hang, and even a dog dish! I decided to bring exclusively tropical plants partly because of availability, but also because I wanted people to have something that they could keep on their desks where there may not be too much light. The workshop took over the 20' table in lunchroom at Pixar (oh how I wish I had taken a picture!); we set it up so that each seat had access to soil and moss, their own pots of charcoal and rocks, some cut stems and sea shells for aesthetic, and a tillandsia--it honestly looked like a feast had been set out on the table! After a brief introduction of myself, terrariums, and what plants I brought, everyone selected which plant or plants they wanted to use and we got planting! Pixar has a great location too, and because the sun was out that day, which is a rarity in Vancouver at this time of year, we got to build our terrariums with an amazing view of the North Shore mountains and the harbour. How blissful it was! The following pictures are some of the creations that came out of the workshop.  And if you are someone who made one of the terrariums pictured, be proud! The all turned out great. Enjoy!

Capsule terrarium with fern

Fish bowl terrarium withe dracena and fern

Dog dish terrarium with ficus and "Piggy Back" plant

Terrarium with pilea and dracena

Mason jar terrarium with fern 
Terrarium with coffee plant

Terrarium with rex begonia and echevaria

Terrarium with pothos and a tropical plant.

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