Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Weddings & Moving Forward

Well, the wedding has come and gone, and boy was it fun! I haven't worked so hard on such an important project since University. In the week and a half leading up to the wedding, I am pretty sure that I had not one thought in my mind that didn't have something to do with the wedding! But the best news is that all of the hard work paid off and the Bride & Groom were ecstatic  and for that result I am more than happy to sacrifice sleep and relaxation. I don't have time to do a big write up about the wedding today, but I promise to have something up in the next couple of days. Keep checking back! 

In other news...I've moved on from Southlands Nursery. It was a pretty unexpected and bittersweet change, at a very chaotic time, but it felt like the right move. That is not to say that I am leaving the plant world; in fact, I am hoping that this move will open up more time and opportunities to expand and commit to this little side business of mine. Maybe there will be more weddings and events to do down the road...! But I would like to say this, a wee homage to the characters that work at Southlands Nursery: in the year and a bit that I worked there I learned more about plants and gardening craft than I think I could have ever learned in a school setting, from mentors who geek out about plants as much as I do. Gord, Grant, Evan, Barry, Brock, Graeme--each one a lovably ridiculous character in love with the plant world. And I got to work for Thomas Hobbs, a man who has impeccable style and quirky tastes like no other, and is fellow Prairie descendant who has created a life so full of successes and generosity and passion for his craft that it is inspiring. Southlands will always hold a very special place in my heart, for all that it taught me, but more so for the individuals who so dramatically impacted my life in such a short amount of time.

One of the arrangements for the wedding, complete with Thomas Hobbs dahlias.

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