Thursday, 17 October 2013

Growing & Changing

Exciting changes are happening with TPD! I've finally set up a PayPal account so my customers can pay via any major credit card, but I've also opened a shop on Etsy! Very exciting indeed. I will continue to make terrariums to order for the Etsy shop, though now you can see a price. I am also now able to ship products, though I must state that due to the tender organic nature of the product, I remain hesitant to ship across the country. That being said, if you do live outside of Vancouver and would like to order from me, send me a wee email at and we can try to work something out. In the meantime, please click the link above and check out the shop!

In other news, I am already taking pre-orders for the holidays so if you have someone you think would love a terrarium, feel free to place your order anytime! If you forget however, do keep an eye on my Etsy shop as I will be stocking it up for the holiday season. I will have plenty of inexpensive sweet little tillandsia terrariums, like those pictured, available for the holiday season. At $25+shipping (can be waived if I am dropping it off, just send me an email), they are perfect for hostess gifts, Secret Santa, co-workers (especially Secretaries) name it! I've also booked another wedding for next summer! That is very exciting. It's a way out yet, but the couple and /I have already started working together and I think that it is going to be the most intimate and romantic wedding ever! Super excited. Spending way to much time on Pintrest... 

That's all for now. Check out the shop, and tell you friends!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Updates & Adventures

My laptop, one of my most cherished belongings that got me through all those undergrad papers and into life beyond post-secondary, has died. Hence why there has been no posting in quite some time. But I am back! On a temporary computer that I can't upload my pictures to unless they are taken on a phone and emailed to me. Ah technology....

Huge pots of my beloved pitcher plants.

Life has been pretty busy! I have a new roommate, I have been painting my house, I started a new job on top of working full time for JJ Bean, and am still making terrariums! I love it, but I do miss the Nursery and being in the garden all the time. I have plenty of pictures of my recent work for you, but alas, computer problems.

As business has started to pick up, I am happy to announce that I can now accept all major credit cards through PayPal! This will hopefully make things easier for my customers, especially as the holiday season creeps ever so much closer....

Speaking of the holidays, I am now taking orders for the Christmas season! It seems early, but holiday parties start only a few weeks from now and a terrarium, big or small, is perfect for the holiday table or a hostess gift! I have some exciting plans for holiday goodies, including (hopefully) a product line collaboration with my incredibly talented plant-soul mate/BFF over at Parallel 49 Palms and Exotics. I shall keep you posted, but trust me, this is very exciting! 
One of these almost came home in my bag...but it was too big.

But for now, as autumn only just sets in, I think I'll share some of my pictures from my recent visit to Van Dusen Botanical Gardens, which is located just between Oak and Granville on 37th. It is one of the two great botanical gardens in Vancouver, tho other being the severely under-rated and under appreciated Bloedel Conservatory. I have been to their amazing plant sale and toured the gardens before, but it was quite enchanting to wander about on the first day of Autumn and take in their Touch Wood exhibit.The gardens themselves are always worth the trip, but it was quite interesting to see all the wood sculptures scattered about. I loved the Fern Dell most of all, and the presence of the white-washed abstracted humanoid sculptures gave it this fantastic eerie/sacred vibe. 

But of course, I am always drawn to the colours and textures and over-the-top showmanship of tropicals and plants that would never happily survive on their own in Vancouver without serious tender loving care. 

These bananas were huge! Too bad red leafed bananas are not hardy here...

Brugmansia/datura flower, deadly but lovely. And the fragrance!

Such beautiful agaves, so big too!

Such a cute flower! And the perfect colouring for the first day of Autumn.